HamSphere JOTA

The JOTA worldwide commences 00:00 utc Saturday (oct 20th) and runs until 23:59 utc Sunday (oct 21st).  HamSphere frequencies will be the 80 Meter band we will be on that band User Name 2E0SCE, we will be taking calls from any Scout and Guide Groups.

Expected stations from around the globe are invited to participate………. Contacts can be made between HamSphere Operators and this introduction from the different areas of the world may interest the Scouts themselves by using the program HamSphere.  The Scouts are encouraged to talk into the microphone to say hello and exchange information with fellow scouts. Having these controlled QSO’s will be of interest and exciting to the Scouts.

To arrange contact email Scouts@5thprittlewellscout.org or Leave Reply Below….

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